Wakan Tanka

2008-04-16 16:04:20 by bertron

Please also check out my band's page on MySpace: Wakan Tanka .


2008-03-17 15:54:01 by bertron

Thanks to those who have been listening to my track Darksong. It has apparently been on the Audio Portal frontpage for a few days now, and I'm thankful for however it got there and thankful for the reviews I've been getting.


Album Singles

2007-10-10 19:24:42 by bertron

Thanks to everyone who has been listening to these midi tracks. Since I'm getting a fair number of songs up here, and there will soon be more, I would like to direct your attention to certain tracks I think deserve primacy, since, let's face it, nobody is going to come here and listen straight through everything.

The "singles" from the album Sunshade (tracks with the cloud-and-sunset CD image) are:
1. Bracelets
2. Odysseus / Waltz for Penelope
3. Hiven's Serenade for Ision
4. Lift Me Up Into the Sun

-BTN 10/07


2007-09-08 14:15:30 by bertron

If you're seeing this page, I have no idea how or why you got here, but thank you for stopping in.

This is going to be a library of my synthesized compositions, available for use by flash artists and others, royalty free for non-commercial projects if you just ask me first.

These tracks were all made between 2001 and 2006 when I had a computer with a Soundblaster synth that sounded at least a little more advanced than Super Nintendo music.